Cooper and Ted

Male, 7 years old

Image of Dog

Cooper and Ted are a pair of black spotted dogs who are litter brothers but Ted is deaf. Cooper is the hearing dog and he has looked after Ted since they were puppies.

They live with a family who have teenage children and also two cats. The owner is reluctantly having to re-home them because they live in rented accommodation and have had a change of landlord and he has said that they are not allowed to have the dogs.

The dogs are used to younger children visiting. Vaccinations are up to date (April) both are not castrated but will be done in the near future before they are re-homed. The dogs can be left but not for long periods so will need someone at home most of the time and it would be very useful but not essential that a new owner has had experience of having a non hearing dog. There are quite a lot of people (and a network) who can give advice and help.

Only one adoption fee would apply. Awaiting further photos and assessment.

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