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We were lucky to adopt Connie and collected her from the volunteers, who brought her to us, at a local motorway service station, on the August bank holiday.  It took us over three very hot hours to get back to Andover. Though with strange people Connie was very good in the car. We had been told that she had a yeast allergy, which was apparent from the smell from her ears. Our vet reeled back at the smell, which resulted with her taking swabs and sending them away for analysis, which proved Connie had a very serious infection. Her ears are now very much improved, though we have to keep treating them periodically, as well as keeping an eye on her diet. The new enemy being anything which has starch in it or can turn to starch.
When we applied to adopt a dally, we asked welfare for a female, seven-to-nine-years-old, so how come we got one that acts like a large eight month old? It was her eighth birthday two days after we got her. Everything goes into he mouth, our collection of wooden toadstools soon began to look very natural (maggot eaten) even a ceramic badger lost its head. We gave in and removed all ornaments, because being a large girl she can reach almost anywhere. She still looks for them. It’s made dusting is a lot easier, cannot think why we didn’t do it years ago. She is a destroyer of dog blankets and all the toys from our previous Dallies are gone! Indoors Connie is like a naughty child demanding attention, when we are out, she does nothing wrong.
When we first got her we were worried about the amount of water she drank, fill a bowl and she will empty it in one go, reduce the amount and she will finish that, so we give a small amount at a time. (she is not constantly at the water,it is just when she decides she wants a drink it’s got to go) Connie came wearing a “Halti”, but very soon that came off and she walks off the lead and is well behaved, both to people and other dogs. She keeps an eye on us at all times but then this could be because of the treats she gets for being good. We believe that she wasn’t socialised as a puppy, she doesn’t know how to greet or play with dogs. In a group of up to eight dogs she is no problem, but stays close to us and is learning  not to worry about dogs growling whilst playing.
Her food obsession has not lessened and we have learned not to take our eyes off of her, (Frank has been known to forget) and as a result has lost sandwiches and cakes (she is as fast as a striking snake) I have lost a sandwich and orange juice, of course none of the things are part of her yeast allergy diet! Dallies we know like their and food and other peoples, however Connie is way over the top. We could go on forever about other things, she does, but I guess we are just mugs for Dallies.

Please does anyone know how to teach her to wake us up at night, if she needs to go out? Connie comes into our bedroom and just stares at us, if we don’t wake-up, she returns to bed and leaks. We feel so guilty as she is not a dirty dog.
Ann and Frank Gazely
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