Male, 9½ years old

Image of Dog

Charlie is coming up to 6 years old, black spotted and castrated.  He hasn’t lived with cats.  He was rescued by his current owner because he was spending most of his time shut away in a utility room.   Because of this he is very needy and wants to be with his owner all the time.  in his current home  he lives with an older bitch and she tolerates him.  We are told that he is usually friendly when he meets people although he can be quite anxious. He doesn’t like men in hoodies perhaps due to previous bad experiences .  He is very affectionate and sweet natured with his owner.  His major fault is his behaviour with other dogs.   He is currently living on a farm so although he pulls like a train he is rarely on lead and has excellent recall. But when out on a lead where there are other dogs he can be noisy and aggressive sounding.  He is restless and noisy when travelling in the car.


Because of Covid we were only able to met him outside the  home. Our lady assessor found him to a gentle boy happy to walk with her on a lead . She passed some other dogs and sheep but not close to and he didn’t bother with them.   If you think you can work with this boy and give him a long term home please call our Adoption Co-ordinator Joan  on 077976 360468 and mention Charlie. This is  a specific appeal for this particular dog.  We have many people on our waiting list already but sadly none of them seem to meet Charlie’s needs.


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