Charlie 9

Male, 16 years old

Image of Dog

Charlie is around 9 years old, black spotted  and castrated.  He is a bit hesitant with strange people at first and seems to be ok with other dogs when out although he is not keen on little dogs. Charlie has excellent recall so his owner just calls him when she sees another dog and puts him on the lead as he is a bit possessive of his field when he is exercised.  Charlie pulls on the lead even with a harness and has been exercised on a bike with a springer attachment. Ill  health forces his rehoming. Our assessor found Charlie to be a little hesitant at first when meeting her but then after a few moments of her ignoring him he quickly made friends with her and let her rub his ears! The assessor took her own dog to meet charlie and he was fine although he was not too keen on being smelt by her dog. Whilst out a Husky escaped from a local garden and ran out to meet them but Charlie took no notice. And they saw a cat and there was no reaction either. Charlie will chew his bed when left alone and howls as well but he does not destroy his toys nor is he possessive over them. Charlies routine has been upset for quite a while now because of the ill health of the owner and our assessor thought that if Charlie was living with a family who were at home most of the time and able to give him a regular routine and walks his contentment would return and he would be a much happier dog. He gets on fine with other family members dogs who visit his home.

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