Charlie 12

Male, 19 years old

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Charlie is aged about 12, castrated and black spotted. He is used to children in his current foster home (since 21st January 17) and has lived with a cat. Charlie has had an operation to remove a couple of lumps and have his ears cleaned out, he has had problems with his ears for many years and will probably need regular check and drops to keep them clean. Despite his age he really enjoys his walks but is less comfortable in crowded streets as he is used to a rural environment. Charlie will grumble/bark at other dogs if they get too close or invade his space. He has been let off lead but he is obviously now quite deaf so is now staying on a long lead as he does not seem to hear you. Charlie does respond to hand signals and is a typical old gentlemen. Charlie has recently been staying with some cats and whilst he has taken a few days to get used to them and takes a good look at them he does not chase or bother them. Charlie needs a home for the rest of his life however that long that will be, is there anyone who can give him a home in his twilight years. We are willing to help with any unforeseen vets bills but at the moment he is just an elderly dog needing a laid back comfortable home probably on his own.

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