Male, 10 years old

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Cash is a three-years-old, neutered, micro-chipped, vaccinated male Dalmatian. He resides with his litter brother Ace who is also looking for a new home at;
Jerry Green Dog Rescue,
South Lincolnshire.
PE11 4QW
(01205) 260546
The rescue centre would love a home where someone is around a lot of the time and has the time to work with them on being left at home and building up the time they can be left gradually.  They are very playful and enjoy playing with people and each other. They would love a home where the two of them are the only pets in the home.
Jerry Green Dogs would prefer to re-home them as a pair but understand that this may not be possible. All contact about these two should be made via Jerry Green Dog Rescue directly. Our adopters may need to undergo further assessment any donation would be made directly to the charity. Awaiting photograph.
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