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Cardamon’s previous owners were working and living in a rented house, so he was left outside a lot. He was reported to be very shy with men and to need LOTS of exercise. His new owners are a Mother and Daughter, so this was an ideal match. His new owner Francesca writes:

When Cardamon came to us he was painfully shy with humans and hounds, so we joined a Dog Club where the dogs run around off lead and socialise.

The only real problem when he arrived was that he pulled terrifically on the lead. The Dalmatian Welfare aftercare has been so helpful and they suggested a head harness, which is a brilliant, pain free training aid.

His manners with the cats are impeccable, they routinely rub noses and share the hearth.

Cardamon has a vorocious appetite and has boundless energy, that needs to be channelled through games and exercise, luckily we are both keen joggers!

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