Female, 14 years old

Image of Dog

Bowie is 8 years old , she will be 9 in April. She is very spotty and has one blue eye. She is quite small and slight.  Her owner is leaving the country and is not able to take her with her. Our assessor found Bowie to be really sweet natured and gentle.  Her owner works full time and she is currently crated when left as she will find things like paper and  and books and tear them up. We think that is just boredom as she is left for a long time and has limited exercise during the week. Bowie is used to a visiting two year old child but we think she would struggle in a household with young lively children.   A while ago she did live with a cat but we are not sure how she would react now to a resident cat. She pulls a bit on the lead on the way out but once she has had a run is fine on The way back. She has good recall. Bowie has always lived with another dog so we think she would be happiest in a home where there  is another male dog.  Currently she lives with a pug but previous to that it was a Labrador


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