Male, 11 years old

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Bones is a five year old male Dalmatian. He has spent his whole life so far locked in a cage behind a bar and used for breeding. We were asked to rescue him before he got put in a pound. Bones has arrived in our care slightly under weight but has tested positive For Mediterranean diseases. He is currently living with another Male and a Female quite happily. He is a friendly lively lad who enjoys playing. He does lack basic training and has got muscle wastage around his back end but the vet feels this is the result of living his life in a cage and that slowly building up his exercise routine should resolve this. We are looking for an experienced home for Bones to allow him to adjust to being a family member.

If you would like to adopt Bones please call Lucille from Save A Spanish Spot on 07500 734039. Website

Adoption fee of £400 applies and home checks will be carried out.


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