Male, 11 years old

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Bond had a very quiet night when we got him home, so quiet in fact, I began to worry and got up early to check on him. He was fine, just a bit bewildered and wondering where his breakfast was!

We took him out for a walk around his new territory to help him orient himself, and then to the shops to see how he did in a busier environment. He took everything in his stride and thoroughly enjoyed himself. All those new sniffs and plenty of input to keep him stimulated. He very quickly got the hang of where he was and showed that he remembered the route and the car.

It was lovely to be greeted when I came in from work, something I’d sorely missed when our elderly dally passed on last year. Bond had been keeping a close eye on the dinner cooking, but he came out to welcome me before going back to his guard duty. He is affectionate and calm and very bright, and just a joy to be around. We’re looking forward to having lots of adventures together!

British Dalmatian Welfare take care to match the people and the dog, and we feel we have just the right dog for us. Thanks so much, all you lovely people, for making our lives complete again.

Best regards

Liz Brown


Mr Bond, there seems to be a mole in our organisation…

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