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On 18th December 2013 our local vets rang to ask if I would foster an eighteen-month-old Dalmatian who had been taken in to them to be put to sleep. It appears that him and his mum had been worrying sheep and his mum had killed four lambs. I guess the owners thought they were doing the responsible thing by having the dogs destroyed but in the event the vet agreed to put mum to sleep as they felt she was then main culprit in the attach but they refused to destroy the boy as they felt he wasn’t really involved in the attack.

We already had a deaf Dalmatian, Daisy and a Labrador, Poppy so we agreed to foster him over Christmas & New Year just until Dalmatian Welfare could find him a suitable home. I didn’t feel it was fair to my other two girls to take on a young male dog even though I am addicted to Dalmatians but we agreed to foster him. Well I was adamant that we wouldn’t keep him but guess what eighteen-months down the line he is still here and we have now adopted him. At first he was an absolute nightmare with other dogs, almost to the point that he wanted to kill anything on a lead but gradually over time and with the help of my fellow dogs walkers he has become well socialised, has doggy friends, plays and runs off he lead and he has become a very loving & loyal dog and love his mummy to bits, I can’t even go to the toilet alone as he has worked out how to open the door. When we first had him his name was Bolt, we didn’t change his name as we were only fostering him, time went on and we have kept his name, it suits him.

 I am so glad now that we agreed to adopt him, I love him to bits and he is now one of the gang. I spoke to the vet about his decision not to destroy him, he said it’s always a gamble but he is really pleased we kept Bolt and is very pleased with the progress I have made with him. Thank you Dalmatian Welfare for allowing us to adopt Bolt, I don’t regret our decision one bit!

Sue Lee

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