Male, 8 years old

Image of Dog

Bodhi is an 18 month old, black spotted, neutered male.

His current family have become a little wary of him and so he is separated from the family and other dog in the home. Bodhi  has developed issues with other dogs and whilst he is better with bitches, he can be unpredictable. He is tense when out on the lead, and will lunge sometimes aggressively at dogs, because of this he is muzzled when out.

He has a complex history and will need time, patience and experience to overcome his problems. In his comfort zone, Bodhi happily interacted with our assessor, was quite affectionate, and very responsive to training she did with him.  She felt he is a very bright dog in need of alot of mental and physical stimulation.

Knowledgeable owners, with experience of difficult dogs is essential for Bodhi, owners must be prepared to work with a behaviourist (which we are prepared to fund) and not expect overnight improvement.  Bodhi is still a very young dog and in the right home he should reach his full potential and be a really loveable dog.

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