Billy and Boo


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With help and advice from the Welfare team we decided to take the plunge and adopt our first dogs into our home. Just a few weeks later we were taking Oisin and Saiorse home with us. We decided to change their names to Billy (dog) and Boo (bitch) to mark starting their new life with us.

After initially being a little shy, their personalities have really begun to shine and we are very lucky to have two Dalmatians who are fun, full of energy and keep us on our toes (and, we are informed, quite well behaved for Dallies!)

Walks in the forest followed by long naps are their favourite way to spend the weekends. Off the lead, Boo is definitely the boss, and Billy loves to chase her around the trees and over the ditches. One thing Boo loves is muddy puddles – the wetter, more disgusting, the better. She races ahead and pounces into them – Billy used to stand there and watch, but now he gets jumps with her and they have a great time playing!

They are so excited to see us when we come home. Even if we’ve only been upstairs for 5 minutes we are greeted with full body wiggles. Boo especially likes to lick us, and will try and climb on us so we can’t escape her affections, but Billy gets his share of fuss by shoving Boo out the way!

Another of their favourite things to do is to trample all over the newly planted flowers and sneakily eat the growing strawberries when they think we aren’t watching (we are!)!

They may have been in our lives for only a couple of months but already we couldn’t imagine life without our spotty friends.

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