Female, 11 years old

Image of Dog

Betsy is black spotted, spayed bitch aged 5.  She hasn’t lived with children or cats but did live with her mother Phoebe who has now been rehomed. Her owner was terminally ill and has since died.

Phoebe has now got a new home so Betsy is still looking for one, she can only hear in one ear. Betsy was kept on a lead around other dogs by her owner as she was unpredictable and was protective of her mother.

So we decided to rehome them separately because we found that her behaviour was so much better when she was a single dog. We have involved a local trainer and Betsy has been off lead now at the trainers with lots of other dogs with no problems,  She is being walked daily off lead and meeting many other dogs without incident.  She will require re-inforcement of this training in a new home so will need someone who can give her the time and consistent approach to continue with this.

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