Male, 18½ years old

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Ben was rehomed with us on Valentine’s day 2009. He came from a loving family, but as their circumstances changed, they were unable to keep him. He needed special food, as he is a stone former and contracted a paw infection, suspected to be fox mange. He was also hit by a car at the beginning of the year and this too caused some damage to his paw.

Ben2Ben has taken some time to get over the paw and ear infection, but after 6 long months of treatment, he is now well on the mend and very much enjoying his new home. When he arrived with us, he didn’t appear to know basic commands or his name. He was checked for deafness but it turned out he was just a naughty boy! But the wonderful transformation in such a short time is almost unbelievable. He is an incredibly loving, friendly and intelligent dog. He smiles all the time and enjoys lots of cuddles and playing in his new garden. He has the most wonderful and gentle character, except around cats or squirrels.

It would be fair to say that Benjamin Button (as he is now known) is the centre of our world! He is spoilt to bits, with a new ball every week and likes to think he runs the household! His favourite pastimes include eating anything made out of plastic, or running to the end of the garden with your shoes.

Ben is now learning to run alongside a bicycle so that we can go on longer adventures. Getting him to go in a straight line is proving the hardest part. All in all, we could not be more pleased with his development and are very proud to be his new mummy and daddy!!

Thank you British Dalmatian Welfare for all your help and support with his treatment.

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