Male, 5½ years old

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Beemo is five and a half.  He has lived with children but because he is an enthusiastic bouncy boy we would only consider homes with children over 8yrs old.  He is a scavenger and will happily steal your sandwich if you were silly enough to leave it laying around.  Because he currently has one owner he is like his shadow, we feel he would be better in a family home with more people to keep him amused.

The information below comes from his owner.

I can’t overstate how devastated I am to be sending Beemo on, but I know that he could have a much happier life out in the countryside with an outdoorsy family. He is an amazing dalmatian, and all he wants to do is love you, spend every second with you. Like any dalmatian, he’s smart and naughty in equal measure and will constantly test boundaries, but he’s also a big softie who likes nothing better than to lie next to you/on you and purr like a cat. He is very good at obeying the ‘wait’ command, but less so with heel. He definitely understands what heel means but chooses when he’s going to obey it.  He is much better behaved if you jog with him. His dalmatian instincts seem to kick in and he’ll happily trot beside you.

Beemo loves to play. Whenever he sees another dog he’ll usually lie down and then creep towards them like a panther. I usually clip him onto the lead when this happens because he can be very boisterous. Beemo loves water.

If you feel you could offer Beemo a cuddle and a new home please get in touch – if you are already a British Dalmatian Welfare approved adopter call us on 07905 495084 if you are not yet approved please call  07976 360468.

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