Male, 11½ years old

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This is Beau you can read all about him in our Happy Stories section of this website and what has been happening to him since he was fostered by David and Lucy, Beau is now ready to go to a new home in January 2019.

Beau has had his cruciate ligament surgery and he has been over the last 3 months been resting his leg and then very gradually working up to more time walking on lead to the point where at the beginning of December 2018 he was walking for an hour each day on one walk and then others during each day. this has meant that with a lot of patience and care from his foster family  he has made a very good recovery and is now walking very well and is being let off lead to run around.

Beau is a big tall ‘rangy’ dog and could put his head on your table as he is so tall – he is very fit and has full muscle tone back on his body after his foster home kept him on a very strict diet so that there was no excess pressure on his healed leg. This would have to continue so that he can enjoy a very full and healthy life for the rest of his days.

Beau is not on any pain killers or other medications but he is on supplements to help him long term. With the leg injury being left for at least two or three years before it was corrected there is a likely hood of him getting arthritis in his leg in later life and the daily supplements of chondroitin, glucosamine and 1000mg of fish oil are required so that these help prevent this happening for as long as possible. His full vet history whilst he has been with us is available and we are willing to support with the costs associated with these and any arthritis medication if required.

Beau will sing to various tunes from the television and also the phone as well as happy birthday! He is quite a character, a very happy dog and was a real hit at the hospital with all the staff there he was often given lots of attention when we were waiting for his appointment and several said they would have adopted him themselves if they did not have a dog already.


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