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Things are going to change in our house by the end of the year; my owner is going again… Thankfully not babies but another rescue Dally, we both have had to have a long think about it, since, D’arcy passed away 2 years ago.  As it will be a hard act to follow… I am such a star; my name is Archie (formerly Bomber not very appropriate when you see how handsome I am).

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Nina Byles had the good sense to export me to Ireland, with the help of Vanessa, I was transported down the M4 to Fishguard where Karen came to collect me  and across the Irish Sea I went.– it was a whirl wind 24 hours from a South East England Boy to the wild’s of Midwest Ireland. (OMG the Roads)

This was all 8 years ago, I was thrown in to a house with 3 young children (whom I adore) The first Dalmatian that awaited me was Ellie (very cute sexy black bitch, my cousin) and D’Arcy a mature handsome liver male.. He was the best thing to have entered my life. We all had been rescued.

I was introduced to the “Tuesday Morning Gang” a baker’s dozen of dogs who walk with their ladies – deerhounds, terriers, spaniels of various parentage labs, boxers, collies  and of course Dallies

Being a townie,  I walked beautifully on the lead, (now suffer selective amnesia on how to walk on a lead, but turn it on when “in town doing jobs”)  I was not used to this run amok behaviour in the woods.– They laughed when I was unable to clear a bank when they played tag. They taught me how to run thru the forest and not fall over the roots, side swiped me in to the lake after a walk, pulled my tail, knocked me over if I got too cocky. We run thru the forest for miles jumping in puddles stealing sticks from each other and finally leaping in to the lake for a swim

Swimming is not my strong point still on the Dally paddle after all these years but when you are surrounded by all these Olympic swimmers you do get put off.  Over the years sadly we have lost a lot of the bunch but we now have a few new members. Hard work keeping these young ones in place!! – I live in the cool house on the hill, with lots of wild life so we run around and have lots of scent to follow, the gang often pop in on a play date.

Archie 2

I had 6 wonderful  years with D’Arcy  he welcomed me in to his home, wrestled with me all day. When I stole his Kong he got annoyed, I was bigger but he was a lean mean machine and he tossed me to the ground so easily, but I got him back,  gave him a cauliflower ear. But he used to swing out of my flabby jaws. He was top dog; I had so much respect him. I did corrupt him somewhat, introduced him to stealing, that did not go down very well with my new family, and I ended up grounded more than once.

We did cut a dash when taken to hockey & rugby matches, the  only down side is the fan club, it  can get a bit annoying after a while (being rubbed continuously takes its toll). For D’arcy’s 10th Birthday we had a photo shoot in the forest in all the autumn leaves, we were stunning.

Since moving to Clare I have got lots more spots and my nose has filled in.

My Life is Fun Fun Fun – We often go to the beaches in West Clare, great spot for wave jumping, but keeping an eye on the kids in wet suits is a killer they all look the same.  I don’t plan to be the 1st dally to surf, but they do keep encouraging me. The Kids are now teens and hug me to death daily…all part of the service. They sneak me upstairs on the QT. I get to bounce on a bed to get them up.  I do love living in the country, the only down side is the Cuckoo, who is errantly in song from April and this is extremely annoying when I am trying to snooze in the sun.  Napoleon the Rooster is a pest. The Chooks and I are in agreement about him.  So I annoy him when I can much to the chooks’ delight. When the horses come for the summer to eat grass, I get to roll in Poo… doesn’t go down well but I will never learn! I love going for a drive to collect the kids from school, as I get to walk in town.

My favourite time of the year is Christmas Eve Morning, we pack a picnic with the ladies meet all my buddies and allow the Husbands and kids to come and head in to the forest for a 5km hike, picnic at “The Lookout”, play tag rugby – we keep adding to this each year, 16 Dogs + 48 Humans this year.Digital StillCamera

I have to say that without the fantastic work that all the volunteers in BDW do, I would not have this wonderful 3rd chance. Thank you for having the foresight to export me to  love living here as much as I do.  My family is so blessed to have the joy of having Dalmatian’s – they just love us….. there are dogs and then there are Dalmatians.!

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