Female, 18½ years old

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Apple EApple came to me in October 2011 and joined fellow BDW dog ‘Ben’ in my home. She literally marched straight into our lives and took the role of ‘top dog’, though Ben didn’t really mind.

She is an adorable, pretty dog who is incredibly loving. Apple very much likes being close to you and is never happier unless she is sat on your feet, or lap, or bed! I am pretty certain in a previous life, she was a cat!

Her health had been blighted by epilepsy, hence the reason for her being re-homed. During the first 12 months of having her, Apple’s fits were relatively frequent and increasing in severity. She has been well managed and treated by her vet and since 2013 her epilepsy has been firmly under control. She is on a high quantity and high dosage of medication and receives regular blood tests. We have both learnt how to manage her fits and it is quite remarkable watching how Ben reacts to Apple when she is poorly. There are times when I have felt he knew a fit was coming before I did and he would almost come and get me, as Apple went under.

Whilst I would not say the pair ‘play’ together, they do get along. They walk nicely together both on and off their leads and Apple’s recall is fantastic. She is a very brave little dog, often disappearing into hedgerows, up and down inclines and in and out of brooks when out on walks – on her own little adventure, coming back with sticks!

Like Ben, Apple has lots of other names, ‘pie’ and ‘crumble’ being the most obvious ones. She’s a very talkative little dog and will often ‘chatter’ away to me!! She only has a stump for a tail, but this doesn’t stop her being the waggiest dog I have ever come across, her whole body will shake with excitement.

She has a naughty streak and the amount of times I’ve been doing something in one part of the house to find her eating a loo roll is unreal. She also has a penchant for horse manure too!

That said, there is not  a bad bone in her body and she’s a joy to own.

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