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Hello, my name is Alfie and I’m eight years old.  I used to live on an army base in Germany but my family left and then someone brought me back to England and passed me on to British Dalmatian Welfare.  I was fostered for a while then my foster mum and dad fell in love with me and I have never left.  I have been with them for over a year now and life is good.  I was a bit grumpy at first but now I have settled I am very happy.   I am a typical dally, I am full of beans and steal food but I am very good outside and never need to be on a lead.  I am a very big boy and I have a little sister Cassie who has brown spots who is three.  We play a lot, sometimes in the house and then we get told off!  Just because we knock things over, we’re only having fun.

I represented Dalmatians at Crufts Discover Dogs at the NEC this year and it was lovely, I had three hours of being made a fuss of.  I have a best friend who is spotty too, and we walk together every day.

Sometimes we go away in a caravan and I especially love that.  I am very good with all the people who come to say hello.

I love my forever home and my mum and dad love me.  Everyone lived happy ever after.

Alfie Bayliss and his humans

Alfie DDAlfie and Cassie

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