Female, 9 years old

Image of Dog

Verity is a two and half year old neutered female, who most recently has lived with a 3 year old male Dalmatian and a 9 year old Collie.

This has been her third home, as unfortunately in her last one she was dominated by another Dalmatian.   We think most likely this is the reason that she is not getting along with the two dogs in her new home.

As a young dog, Verity was shut in a shed for long periods of time. This left her being terrified if doors in the house are closed to her when the owner was in the home.  Her current owner tells us that she has overcome that problem now, but new owners should be aware that this behaviour may start again until she feels settled and confident with her new owners.

Verity needs to be the only dog in the home.  She can not live with cats.  Being a typical Dalmatian her lead walking needs improvement but she is food orientated which will help with training.  She has lived in a home with a teenager.

A young dog, Verity has huge potential for training and the owner prepared to put the work in will be rewarded with a loyal and loving companion. We would suggest an experienced home to make sure that this time Verity’s fourth home her forever one.


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