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We were contacted by an Australian Dalmatian owner via our web site earlier this year. Anne, Chairman and central coordinator for Welfare asked Mr Wilson’s owner to write a Happy Story for our website. It is unusual for us  to provide such detailed advice to overseas Dalmatian owners.  Mr Wilson was poorly for quite a time and we are delighted to hear how much better he is.  Apart from the special food we stressed importance of changing treats and understanding what food is low in purines and therefore safe for a stone forming dog to eat.”
My name is Mr Wilson.  I am a Dallilu Dalmatian and I am now 2 ½ years of age.  I live with my owner, Sherrill, from Brisbane, Queensland Australia.  In June of this year I was taken very ill and the vet diagnosed a Uric Acid Stone.  I was operated on to remove the stone and then two days later again to have my bladder flushed out.  Two weeks later, when things were not working properly, the specialist Vet decided to give me another operation to shorten my Urethra and made a little hole for me to wee through (Urostomy).

The vet was telling Sherrill all about low Purine Diets etc.  She was very confused about all of this and of course consulted the facebook page of Dalmatians of Australia and New Zealand.  There were many many wonderful people advising her what I should now eat and not eat.  My Breeder from Dallilu Dalmatians told Sherrill to get onto the United Kingdom website for British Dalmatian Welfare as they had the best information for us.

After awhile a lovely lady called Anne contacted my Mum with information for her and a lovely recipe for biscuits. (This recipe was placed on the Aussie facebook page for Dalmatians) I was on so many tablets as something was wrong with the muscles in my bladder and that seems to be OK now.  I will always be on some just to make my urine less acidic. My diet is now Hills UD supplemented with potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and carrots and sometimes rice and pasta.  I love this.  My treats are now carrots and apples and biscuits made by the kids at the local Special School at Mitchelton.

It has taken awhile for my Vet to be happy with my urine Ph Levels but at long last my last test was great.  I am now well and truly back to my normal Goofy Self.  My only problem now is that when I wee and I cock my leg , it runs down the other leg.  Oh well, the other dogs in the park still love me.


Mr Wilson

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