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I just wanted to let the team at British Dalmatian Welfare know how thrilled we have been to have Bella in our lives. She settled in immediately and is a very calm, lovely natured dog. We live around the corner from the beach and love the walks we have with Bella, she has paddled in the sea but runs a mile as soon as a wave comes crashing downnear her. As we are so close to the beach, she had to stay on the lead a few times in the summer because of the number of people having bbqs and picnics….we started to do this after we let her off the lead one day and she decided she liked the look of someone’s plate of food. Unbeknown to them, the plate wasquickly cleared of all it’s contents before I could get there!!!!

We are so grateful for the training that Bella had in her previous home, having been brought up with Dalmatians, I was amazed at how well behaved Bella is. Sheis a busy girl and goes to work in the New Forest with my husband a few days
a week where she enjoys forest walks and the rest of the week I love having my days off work with her at home with me. She is adored by my two children and loves to wait for them to finish their apples so she can delicately eat the cores, or
lick their yoghurt pots out after breakfast. She has a love hate relationship with our grumpy ten year old cat who occasionally scares Bella by chasing her round the garden. Thank you to Dalmatian Welfare for the work you do, providing homes for these gorgeous dogs.

Michelle Amey and family

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