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Hello, I’m Penny. I had a really bad start in life. Before I was three, I’d had already had two homes, and so I was very insecure, and aggressive to other dogs. I got quite a reputation, I can tell you! Still, my new Mum and Dad were very patient with me, and eventually I was a nice girl to be around. It was lovely to be able to run free, after being on a lead for so long.
Over the years, I had many adventures – or rather, misadventures, as I often ended up at the vets. Twice a year I went on holiday to the New Forest with Mum and Dad. I really enjoyed that- lots of lovely pony poo to sniff, and squirrels to chase.
Many happy years passed, and I often said a quiet thank you to Dalmatian Welfare for finding me my special home. When I was nearly 17 – yes, 17, and being a very wise old girl, I sensed that another poor Dalmatian needed my Mum and Dads’ care and attention. So I went peacefully to sleep, and shortly, Holly came to stay – and that’s another Happy Story.
Margaret Green.     
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