Dalmatian health (under construction)


Dalmatians are a robust breed. Originally bred to run alongside a coach and horses they are lively, outgoing and athletic. Thankfully breeders of Dalmatians haven’t caused exaggerations seen in some breeds and Dalmatians structure is very like it was a century ago. Dalmatians can run and jump, breath normally and deal with heat and can generally give birth without the help of caesarean section.


However we should not be complacent, Dalmatians like many breeds of pedigree dogs do suffer from hereditary health problems. The most common of these are hereditary deafness and High Uric Acid metabolism (H.U.A).


Dalmatian puppy having a B.A.E.R. hearing test.

H.U.A. Dalmatians (which make up most of the UK population of our breed) are at risk of developing Uroliths (Bladder and kidney stones).

We are in the process of updating our website health information and we are preparing ourselves for re-homing deaf Dalmatians in the near future. Over the coming months we will add to these pages and open pages on the subject of “living with” and “caring for and training” deaf Dalmatians.

There is some information on Dalmatian health under our “living with” banner.