Adopting a Dalmatian

Take the time to carefully consider the challenges in owning a Dalmatian particularly if you haven’t previously owned one before. Dalmatians are not ‘spotty Labradors’ and as a breed they may not be suitable for you and your families circumstances. If you feel that a Dalmatian is the breed for you, please call our Adoption Coordinator on (07976) 360468 or email us via the website. The Adoption Coordinator will have a chat with you, explain the process of adoption and assessment. If you are still interested we will send you our adoption assessment form. Once you have completed this form and returned it to us we will arrange for one of our experienced volunteers who lives locally to you to visit you at home. We rely on the good will of experienced volunteers who often have full time jobs so it may take a few days to arrange a visit.


To avoid anxiety and stress for the current owners and their dog, their pet in most cases will remain in his or her home with them, for the dogs family it may very difficult to rehome their very much loved family pet after having him or her for several years. Therefore it will not be possible for you to meet a dog before you have it. The dog could also be living hundreds of miles away from you so it might not be practical either. That’s why we will ask lots of questions about you and your family before you adopt a dog from us and likewise we do the same with all the dogs we vet before we rehome. The ‘matching process’ of ‘dog to family’ is therefore vital and the rehoming coordinator will offer you the dog that fits your circumstances but more importantly the dogs’ needs will be paramount. We do not offer you the ‘next dog on the waiting list’, because dogs come from many different back grounds and families – our aim is to have a successful rehoming of a dog that suits it and your family.

If you do not feel you could take a dog from us that you do not meet before you agree to have it then we suggest you visit one of the many dedicated pet rehoming centres.

There may be a wait or we may already have a suitable dog for your needs and lifestyle. All dogs are assessed by our volunteers, many of whom are experienced Dalmatian owners. Most dogs come from really lovely homes where they have been well socialised and looked after but due to no fault of their own due to relationship breakdown, loss of the family home, change of work patterns, illness or owners death they now need to be rehomed.