Purine is a type of protein found in certain red meats, some poultry, game, offal and yeast products all of these foods contain high of levels of Purine. These purines can cause problems for some Dalmatians so are best avoided. There are complete low purine foods available without prescription.   Royal Canin make a food specifically for Dalmatians it is based on egg protein and is very low in Purines.  Other prepared foods available are on prescription only, made by Hills and Royal Canin and are generally only used once a stone forming Dalmatian has been diagnosed and treated by a Vet.

For most Dalmatians that have not been diagnosed as stone forming  there are cheaper alternatives and anecdotally we have had success with lower protein diets such as Chappie, James Wellbeloved (Chicken or Fish) and Pets at home own brand Wainwrights. They do not contain additives and colourings which may make a dalmatian hyperactive.  This applies to dog treats as well see below.

We have a list of foods and their purine content, and we have added a Dalmatian traffic light document to this page. This indicates which foods are safe to feed a Dalmatian,and which should be avoided. We can provide details of diets specially formulated from these lists that have been successfully fed to stone forming Dalmatians and kept them free of the recurrence of stones and are cheap  to feed although they do require work and, probably freezer space. Please click here to view our Heath page for more information

Dalmatians should always have fresh clean water to drink and have access to outdoors so that they can regularly urinate.

Please get in touch with the website or our central coordinator if you would like more information.

Diet, behaviour and snacks and treats

Many pre-made dog snacks and treats are made from offal and cheap cuts of meats that contain the highest amounts of Purines. We have seen behavioural problems and hyperactivity reduced by changing a dogs diet to a lower purine food free from bright colours. The more simple the food the better it seems to suit Dalmatians. Highly coloured dog treats filled with coloring and additives should be avoided, dogs don’t see in colour so these are purely aimed at attracting humans rather than your dog. Apple, Carrot, Hard Cheese (Cheddar) and hard boiled eggs make great low Purine treats and are great for titbits while training your Dalmatian. There are many recipes for making your own purine free dog treats available online.


  Purine list

Traffic light system

Green Light Purines These foods are virtually Purine free they can be fed as often as you like and to stone forming dogs. Food stuffs
Whole grain yeast free bread
Whole grain yeast free cerials
Most vegetables (see high purine exceptions below) Not onions or Garlic.
Fruits (some fruits are toxic to dogs see list below)
Nuts (Not Macadamia nuts)
Peanut Butter
Yellow Light Purines The following foods are considered to contain a moderate level of purines and are acceptable in diets for stone-forming dog breeds. Most or even all of your Dalmatian’s protein sources should come from this list as opposed to the “Red Light” purines listed in the next section Most Poultry including Chicken and Turkey
Fish and Shellfish (see exceptions below)
Oats and Oatmeal
Red light PurinesThe following foods contain the highest levels of purines and should be avoided as much as possible to help prevent stone formation: Kidneys
Legumes (kidney beans, lentils)
Yeast (including brewers yeast)

There are several common human foods that are toxic to all dogs and should be avoided.

These include grapes, currants and sultanas, cherries, the stones are toxic to dogs, apricot stones are also toxic. Red, white and Blackcurrants have the same toxin that is contained within grapes so are best avoided. Rhubarb is toxic and so are Apple pips (so avoid the core) and unripened tomatoes can also be toxic. Macadamia nuts, Onions and Garlic, Mushrooms, raw and green Potatoes and artificial sweeteners should not be fed. Oh and no chocolate!