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***Update Saturday 30th April 2016***

British Dalmatian Welfare at the National Pet Show. (see news page for details)

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Stamp appeal updated


Have you consider adopting a pair of Dalmatians? Many of us have come to
this by taking one and then another. However we do occasionally get pairs
we would rather not split. Sometimes their owners
have said that they aren’t distressed if they are separated for any reason
so would go singly perhaps to the company of another dog. In other cases
they seem inseparable so we do our very best to find them a home together
and usually succeed. If you could provide a home for a pair of Dalmatians or
maybe you would consider adopting a pair at a later date?

If this is something you would consider please contact our re-homing coordinator on (07905) 4965084

Used Postage Stamps
One of our volunteers is able to raise money by selling used stamps and thus raising funds for for British Dalmatian Welfare  So far this year he has already raised £97.  If you have used stamps please send them to
Kevin Rose
Blackmore Lodge
20 Applefield Road
The stamps can include the gold coloured ones that the Post Office prints and uses and we can also sell used stamp books and old postcards
He gets the best price for stamps that have a border of the envelope or card they were stuck to. Please leave at least 5mm or 1/4 of an inch around the stamp. Stamps should be entire with no cuts or tears. Kevin asks if anyone sending stamps could include their contact details so we can thank people individually.