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***Update Tuesday 28th June 2016***

Dogs waiting updated.

New appeal, Bruno updated


*****Bruno appeal*****


Bruno is ten-years-old and he came into our care in February this year.  His owner was in hospital and Bruno was very overweight – he weighed nine stones (55kgs) and had been that heavy for the last five years.  He has been in an amazing foster home and they have helped him lose lots of weight (he has lost 14kgs as of 5/6/16) but there is still some way to go.  We have had him X-rayed and despite his weight there doesn’t seem to be significant joint damage. His weight doesn’t stop him loving a walk and a canter about, he even enjoys long walks.  His current location is very rural and he doesn’t chase live-stock but will chase a cat or pheasants.  His recall is not that good until he thinks he has had a good enough walk when he will then be happy to return home with his fosterer.
He has a delightful temperament, loves people including children and enjoys going in the car and visiting friends.  He has a ramp to get into the car but now jumps out.   He is good with other dogs off lead but aggressive with other male dogs when on a lead. He has been castrated and is now fully recovered.
We think he would enjoy life as a single dog in a busy household with lots of comings and goings.  He is not a dog for anyone who loves their  garden as it is all so new to him and he is inclined to barge through flower beds and plants rather than walk round them! (pictures below are as he is now (early June) we do have before pictures and a weight loss chart complied by our fosterers to send to potential adopters.
Due to Bruno’s age we would waive any donation.
Bruno is now ready to be re-homed if you think you might be interested and you have not been assessed as an adopter do call our adoption co-ordinator Marion on (07976) 360468 or if you are an assessed adopter and would like to know more about him please call Simon or Darren our central co-ordinators on (07905) 495084.
weight loss picturesweight loss sillouette
Used Postage Stamps
One of our volunteers is able to raise money by selling used stamps and thus raising funds for for British Dalmatian Welfare  So far this year he has already raised £97.  If you have used stamps please send them to
Kevin Rose
Blackmore Lodge
20 Applefield Road
The stamps can include the gold coloured ones that the Post Office prints and uses and we can also sell used stamp books and old postcards
He gets the best price for stamps that have a border of the envelope or card they were stuck to. Please leave at least 5mm or 1/4 of an inch around the stamp. Stamps should be entire with no cuts or tears. Kevin asks if anyone sending stamps could include their contact details so we can thank people individually.