Funday Photos from Sunday 1st July 2018


Class Results

Class 1 Puppy

1st Tilly (1/4 dalmatian)- Katie Bowden, 2nd Archie – Angus Morrison, 3rd Lottie – Ann Voss, 4th Millie – Catherine Bown

Class 2 Handsomest Dog aged 1-5

1st Loki – Laura Pavitt, 2nd Sonny Boy – Jamie Robinson, 3rd Finlay – Heather Moseley, 4th Jago – Harry Feald, 5th Jesse – Rebecca & Adrian Haines.

Class 3 Handsomest Dog aged 6-9

1st Harri Stuart Ross, 2nd Maxwell – Elinor Brentwood, 3rd Jasper – Joanne McCarthy

Class 4 Prettiest Bitch aged 1-5

1st Jemima – Simon Heald, 2nd Luna – Brian Moore, 3rd Martha – Ann-Marie Bramwell, 4th Cleo- Ali Rummey, 5th Miss Maple – Sarah Lightbody, 6th Dizzy – Chris Bolshaw

Class 5 Prettiest Bitch aged 6-9

1st Dora – Carol Smith, 2nd Miss Maxie – Sarah Lightbody, 3rd Poppy – Kate Lockwood, 4th Joint Ruby and Penny- Megan and Freya Bowden, 5th Gracie- Jo Dawkins, 6th Ziggy – Judi Lightbody.

Class 5 Best Dog over 10

1st Santa – Sue Cooper, 2nd Alfie – Gail Firselly, 3rd Taiko – (corgie/spitz) Emily James

Class 6 Best Bitch over 10

1st Penny – Lucy Styles

Class 7 Dog with the Waggest Tail

1st Rosie Mark McConnell, 2nd Toby – Donna Rowan, 3rd Cleo – Ali Rummey, 4th Loki & Quila Laura PAvitt, 5th Jemime/Jaso – Penny Heald, 6th Rufus – Alan Rose.

Class 8 Best Non Dalmatian

1st Baxter – collie – Lily Felsis, 2nd Poppy miniature schneider –  Megan Bowden, 3rd Miss Maxxie Cocker Spaniel – Sarah Lightbody, 4th Taiko – Corgie/Jap Spitz,Emily Jones, 5th Archie Tibetian Terrier – Ewan Ferris, Dove- Cocker- Marion Wildly.

Class 9 Child Handler 9 and under

1st Zorro Roxy Cotter, 2nd Masie miniature schnauzer – Megan Bowden, 3rd Taiko – Emily.

Class 10 Child Handler aged 10-14

1st Baxter Collie Lily Ferris, 2nd Archie Tibetian Terrier – Ewan Ferris, 3rd Waffle – Cocker Spaniel – Millie Russell.

Class 11 Best Trick

1st Zorro Roxy Cotter, 2nd Dora – Carol Smith, 3rd Miss Maxie – Sarah Lighbody, 4th Baxter Cocapoo Lilly Ferris, 5th Slay – Emmie Howard

Class 12 Fancy Dress no entries we think it was just too hot!

Class 13 Dog Judge wants to take home – Tori Stephanie Warwick

Class 14 The Darren Cliff Memorial Award Jesse – Rebecca and Adrian Haines

Good Citizen Bronze Awards Congratulations go to Sally Lee with 17th month old Zorro

Thank you to Burns Pet Nutrition for their kind donation of food for prizes.