Funday Photos from Sunday 1st July 2018

Class Results

Class 1 Puppy

1st Tilly (1/4 dalmatian)- Katie Bowden, 2nd Archie – Angus Morrison, 3rd Lottie – Ann Voss, 4th Millie – Catherine Bown

Class 2 Handsomest Dog aged 1-5

1st Loki – Laura Pavitt, 2nd Sonny Boy – Jamie Robinson, 3rd Finlay – Heather Moseley, 4th Jago – Harry Feald, 5th Jesse – Rebecca & Adrian Haines.

Class 3 Handsomest Dog aged 6-9

1st Harri Stuart Ross, 2nd Maxwell – Elinor Brentwood, 3rd Jasper – Joanne McCarthy

Class 4 Prettiest Bitch aged 1-5

1st Jemima – Simon Heald, 2nd Luna – Brian Moore, 3rd Martha – Ann-Marie Bramwell, 4th Cleo- Ali Rummey, 5th Miss Maple – Sarah Lightbody, 6th Dizzy – Chris Bolshaw

Class 5 Prettiest Bitch aged 6-9

1st Dora – Carol Smith, 2nd Miss Maxie – Sarah Lightbody, 3rd Poppy – Kate Lockwood, 4th Joint Ruby and Penny- Megan and Freya Bowden, 5th Gracie- Jo Dawkins, 6th Ziggy – Judi Lightbody.

Class 5 Best Dog over 10

1st Santa – Sue Cooper, 2nd Alfie – Gail Firselly, 3rd Taiko – (corgie/spitz) Emily James

Class 6 Best Bitch over 10

1st Penny – Lucy Styles

Class 7 Dog with the Waggest Tail

1st Rosie Mark McConnell, 2nd Toby – Donna Rowan, 3rd Cleo – Ali Rummey, 4th Loki & Quila Laura PAvitt, 5th Jemime/Jaso – Penny Heald, 6th Rufus – Alan Rose.

Class 8 Best Non Dalmatian

1st Baxter – collie – Lily Felsis, 2nd Poppy miniature schneider –  Megan Bowden, 3rd Miss Maxxie Cocker Spaniel – Sarah Lightbody, 4th Taiko – Corgie/Jap Spitz,Emily Jones, 5th Archie Tibetian Terrier – Ewan Ferris, Dove- Cocker- Marion Wildly.

Class 9 Child Handler 9 and under

1st Zorro Roxy Cotter, 2nd Masie miniature schnauzer – Megan Bowden, 3rd Taiko – Emily.

Class 10 Child Handler aged 10-14

1st Baxter Collie Lily Ferris, 2nd Archie Tibetian Terrier – Ewan Ferris, 3rd Waffle – Cocker Spaniel – Millie Russell.

Class 11 Best Trick

1st Zorro Roxy Cotter, 2nd Dora – Carol Smith, 3rd Miss Maxie – Sarah Lighbody, 4th Baxter Cocapoo Lilly Ferris, 5th Slay – Emmie Howard

Class 12 Fancy Dress no entries we think it was just too hot!

Class 13 Dog Judge wants to take home – Tori Stephanie Warwick

Class 14 The Darren Cliff Memorial Award Jesse – Rebecca and Adrian Haines

Good Citizen Bronze Awards Congratulations go to Sally Lee with 17th month old Zorro